FAQ#1: Why are you giving away a #freechurchAV system?

That’s a great question. 5 Words Media & ChurchAV.Solutions is an organization of former Media & Worship pastors, technicians & team members and this is our way of giving back and helping the local church community. After a lot of prayer & planning, we are excited at the opportunity to serve a church and bless their community in the process!

FAQ#2: What gear do you use in your Design & Builds?

5 Words Media & ChurchAV.Solutions believe in using the right tool for the right job. We will work through a design process and hand select components and systems that best fit you room and the requirements of your ministry. We are manufacturer agnostic and our passion is building integrated systems that are the right solution for you!

FAQ#3: What is the 5 Words Media design process like?

Awesome question! We have a process that can best be described as working from fantasy towards reality. We always start our design process with a blank canvas where we dream what is possible for your ministry. Once we understand your desires, we work our way down to fitting into the reality of our budget, building and priorities towards building an amazing AV & Lighting system for your church!

FAQ#4: How do you select the church to win a #freechurchAV system?

Ah, yes! What is the process exactly. We want to gather all submissions as a team at 5WM and then after careful review and thoughtful prayer, pick a church that we feel God is leading us to bless. Thats it! Nothing more or less. We desire to be used by God to bless a church and we trust that he is able to do might things through us at 5 Words Media & ChurchAV.Solutions!