Model A - Complete AV & Lighting System

Model A - Complete AV & Lighting System

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For churches of 50-100+ people.

preferred audio mixing system:
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What’s inside?

Each system comes in a beautiful custom designed portable road case with a mixing console rack on top to hold your preferred audio mixing system. This system comes with the bellow equipment installed and pre-configured so that all you and your team have to do is plug everything in.

Recommended Customizations

Audio system

  • Custom portable road case with mixing console rack for your preferred audio mixing system.

  • Your preferred audio mixing platform and 16x8 snake box, (Behringer X32 Producer, Yamaha TF1, Allen & Heath SQ5).

  • (2) Electro-Voice ZLX 12” Powered Speakers with (2) stands and carrying bag.

  • (2) Sennheiser G4s rackmount receivers with (1) e355 handheld microphone and (1) lavalier body pack transmitter

  • (1) TM58 cardioid dynamic vocal mic.

  • (1) Dual ear headset microphone.

  • (4) 15ft XLR mic cables.

  • (1) Radial DI full range direct box and 1/4” TRS cable.

Lighting system

  • (1) 15’ Lighting Truss System.

  • (4) Elation Six par 100 6 in 1 LED lights.

  • (1) Elation M-DMX dual universe controller and all-in-one PC.

  • (1) Elation 50ft DMX Cable.

  • (1) Elation 100ft DMX cable.

  • (3) Elation 5ft DMX cables.

  • (3) Elation 6ft power-con link cables.

  • (4) Elation narrow C-clamps.

Video System

  • (1) Dalite 8ft carpeted Picture King projection screen.

  • (1) NEC 502-WL 5000 lumen DLP projector.

  • (1) Renewed Visions ProPresenter site license.

  • (1) Covid 100ft HDMI cable.



Once your order is received one of our engineers will send a digital copy of your system schematics with all your needed software registration keys. After your system is built and tested you will receive it in two shipments. One will have your lighting truss system and projection screen. The other will have your custom designed road case rack system with the equipment below installed, tested and configured. All you and your team need to do is set it up and start using your fully functional AVL system.